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Syria continues to be one of the most dangerous places for children to live in. 

The 12-year war has caused a severe disruption in the formal and informal child protection services and left 6.5 million children in need. Of these 6.5 million, thousands of children have become orphaned or separated from their families in the chaos of war. The absence of their primary caretakers and protection services leaves children in Syria vulnerable to critical child protection concerns such as violence, trafficking, early marriage, and sexual exploitation.

We support children without parental care and families at risk who have been affected by man-made and natural disasters.



We provide services to ensure children are protected and supported during and after emergencies.


When staying with their family is not in a child's best interest, we provide them with alternative options.


Keeping families together is our priority. We step in to support families vulnerable to future separation.


We work locally and internationally to protect and advocate for children's rights.


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Child Houses USA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization registered in the USA | EIN: 92-3233859

Stichting Childhouses (Child Houses) is a nonprofit organization registered in the Netherlands | RSIN:860606624

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